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Welcome to The Unfused Journal. You'll be getting the latest, daily news related to companies like AMD, Intel, Nvidia and more, from back alley rumors to official press releases, we've got you covered. Discuss upcoming products, ask questions about your technical difficulties, or talk to experienced overclockers about how to safely push your CPU/GPU to its limits. You can do it all here among this healthy, growing community of supporters and enthusiasts.
This is where you take your next step into the CPU/GPU industry.

We are also proud to announce our full support of AMD's Gamers' Manifesto standards that state:

  1. AMD will consult with the gaming community to help align their innovations to gamers wants and needs.
  2. Wherever feasible AMD will move quickly to move their innovations into the industry standards.
  3. AMD will provide the technical and business support game developers need to help make their games a success.
  4. All gamers, those with AMD hardware in their system, or not, deserve the best gaming experience possible.

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