Monday, January 3, 2011

The Switch - A Story of Changing Sockets PART I

Hello everyone,

The following Story is about a change of sockets. It is a real experience story and it isn't influenced by any donations etc. since the Items used were bought on my own. So lean back and enjoy reading it, the other Parts are following too.

I wanted to replace my good AM2+ Board with a DDR3 AM3 board. The Old AsRock A770 Crossfire is with since Autumn 2008 and has seen 3 Processors in Total: The First CPU was the Good Old AMD Athlon X2 6400+(3,2Ghz-->3,4Ghz), a Phenom X4 9650(2,3Ghz-->2,7Ghz)[10/2009], and the Last Processor It has seen was the Phenom II X6 1055T(2,8Ghz-->3,5Ghz)[06/2010] (read the review of the 1055T here).

Overall the Motherboard was great and there was no real need to make the switch, but the Memory prices of DDR3 are extremly low at the moment and I decided to go for DDR3. I was looking for a AM3 Motherboard which has almost the same set of features that the AsRock A770 so the motherboard switch could be done without a reinstallment of Windows 7. But I didnt really had an extreme focus on maiking the switch until December 23rd. On that day, it was a Thursday and late evening, I checked one of my IT-shopping sites and they had a 24-hour limited offering. No it was not a Motherboard, but it was a good value DDR3 Kit. Every Customer was allowed to buy 2 Packages, each of them contained a pair of 4GB Sticks DDR3-1333 CL9 memory rated at 1,5Volts making up a total of 16GB of memory. The price of each was at 67€/ $87 and the vendor has a lifetime warranty, so all my requirements for a good RAM-modules are met. I directly ordered 2 of them, but still was without motherboard, so I searched the web again for a nice one.

My Old 4GB Kit by OCZ

The DDR3 Memory
8GB Kit by Team Elite
Now I was on the search for a new Motherboard which should meet the following Criteria:

ATX Size Phenom II X6 Support 4 DDR3 Slots 2 PCI-E x16

Coaxial Digital Audio Exit Northbridge: 770 Southbridge: 7XX

6 Rear USB Ports 4 Internal USB Ports

Part II In Progress

by Andreas Gunkel


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