Monday, November 1, 2010

The AMD Fusion Llano APU packs Radeon 5570 level graphics

AMDs Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Computing Solutions Group and Client Division *phew* recently commented of the performance of AMDs upcoming Fusion Llano APU. Nothing very specific was mentioned except that the Llano APU is capable of pumping out up to 500Gflops of computing power (yes, thats massive for the types of devices Llano will be in). Look at it this way, a Mobility Radeon 5730 is capable of spitting out 520Gflops of processed DX11 goodness, so an APU about 2 times smaller even coming near that number is shocking.
The VP also hinted that we should be seeing Llano sometime in mid 2011. We'll all be looking forward to that...

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