Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 roles out!

The mighty new nVidia GeForce card, the GTX 580, is here do to some serious damage to the strong AMD DX11 lineup. Faster, cooler, and quieter than the previous high-end GeForce GTX 480, which didnt have a good launch, the 580 is really killing the HD 5870, and it sometimes touches the HD 5970 uncomfortably. 3D Mark Vantage wise it doesn't beat the Dual GPU behemoth, but in some games it does, so it is up to you whether you decide to say that AMD got beaten up or AMD still keeps the throne of offering the fastest GPU ever. It is to say that nVidia dramatically increased their Performance per Watt, but the GF110 lacks some features that the middle class GeForce GTX 460 has. If I have the cash to spent on a new card no matter how much it costs(excluding the ARES, and other Special Edition Cards) I would still wait for the new AMD ammo which would eventually gun down nVidias performance and their price too. The GTX 460 is one of the best nVidia offerings as is the HD 6800 Series from AMDs side. It is up to you to decide, I personally wouldnt switch to DX11 just yet, the current DX10/10.1 cards like the GTX 260 Core 216 upwards or the HD 4770 upwards still do a great job.

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