Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nvidias GTX 580 specs surface. (Update)

Nvidia have been in the ditch for a while now, AMD took the DX11 lead when they released the 5000 series back in October 2009, Nvidia were only able to answer in 2010. Nvidia sort of confirmed the existance of the GF110 based GTX580 when they leaked the name on their own site. The card will be the successor of Nvidias current high end GTX 480 as its name suggests and is said to fix some of its predecessors issues while improving performance.

According to Fudzilla, "The card should end up clocked at 772MHz for the GPU, 1544MHz for Shaders and 4.0Gbps for 1536MB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 384-bit interface. Another interesting piece of information is the actual TDP of the new card. Although it has more CUDA Cores and a higher GPU clock, the card has a slightly lower TDP of 244W. We still don't know if Nvidia is still talking about typical load power, as the GTX 480 or GF100 had 250W TDP, which was actualy a bit closer to 300W under full load."

Nvidia continue to insist that sheer performance will win people over, time will tell...

UPDATE: Kitguru.net got word that the GTX 580 is scheduled for a November 10th release, with a price tag of £429 ($689).

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