Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fudzillas streak of AMD Cayman leaks in one place.

Radeon 6970 News:

Radeon HD 6970 has 250W PowerTune Maximum Power

PowerTune Maximum Power is something that we’ve mentioned yesterday and disclosed that AMD claims less than 300W TDP for its high end Cayman part.Things are a bit better as the PowerTune Maximum Power is claimed to sit at acceptable 250W. AMD also tells its partners and press that the typical gaming power is expected to be 190W while the typical idle power is a quite nice 20W.

Nvidia’s GF110 chip, the one behind the Geforce GTX 580 and 570 is a massive 520 square millimetre core and has some three billion transistors. AMD’s chip is some 30 percent smaller in size and it has some 15 percent fewer transistors than Nvidia’s which is impressive. In the end Nvidia looks like a slightly faster solution, but its core is bigger.

Cayman 6970 has less than 300W TDP

AMD has clearly abandoned its performance per watt graphics dream. The company that used to make small and power efficient chips went for a different approach, a huge chip. As we reported earlier, Cayman in its Radeon HD 6970 variant has a total board power rating of under 300W.

Radeon HD 6970 runs at 880MHz

We got some official data about AMD's Radeon HD 6970 card codenamed Cayman XT. The card runs at 880MHz and the card has the memory that runs at quite impressive 5.5GBps. The memory of choice is GDDR5 in 256-bit flavour and the card has 2GB of it.

Radeon 6950 News:

Radeon HD 6950 is in a class of its own

According to what we have heard from the industry sources, AMD will aim its top Cayman, the HD 6970, at Nvidia's GTX 570, and according to AMD, HD 6970 should end up to be a faster card. On the other hand, the HD 6950 story is completely different as according to AMD, the HD 6950 is in a "class of its own", and simply has no competition.

We managed to score more details regarding the upcoming AMD Cayman based cards. By the looks of it, some things have changed since the last slides, which we saw back in November. According to the latest specifications, the HD 6950 ended up clocked at 800MHz for the GPU and has 1408 Stream Processors, 22 SIMDs (two SIMDs less than the HD 6970) and 88 Texture Units.

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