Friday, December 31, 2010

LucidLogix comes out with their own GPU switching technology

LucidLogix, a designer of universal multi-GPU solutions, this week announced a new GPU virtualization software designed for Intel Sandy Bridge platforms. With this technology, next-generation PCs will dynamically switch between integrated graphics core of Intel Core i-series chips and discrete DirectX 11-class graphics processors. The technology allows to use low-power graphics engine in typical applications and switch to high-performance when more graphics horsepower is needed.

“What we have really accomplished here is a seamless visual experience where it is not necessary to choose between the amazingly rich media features of Intel Sandy Bridge platform, like HD playback and powerful video transcoding, and the high-end 3D graphics functionality and performance of a discrete GPU,” said Offir Remez, LucidLogix president and founder.

Called Virtu, the Lucid GPU virtualization software is able to assign tasks in real time to the best available graphics resource based on power, performance and features considerations, with no need for additional hardware. If high end graphics power is needed for applications like high-resolution 3D games, the system will assign the job to the discrete GPU. If not, the discrete GPU automatically goes into idle mode, while heat drops, fan speed slows down and GPU utilization goes down to zero, resulting in power-efficient, long-lasting system.

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