Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nvidia rages over recent driver stability study.

Corporate bickering is not unusual, recently, following the release of this report, Igor Stanek - a well known Nvidia representative - went on and said this:

"This shows how desperate AMD is these days. These claims are just nonsense and are from a study funded by AMD. AMD should focus their resources on fixing the Image Quality problems found by legitimate investigators which prove their Radeon products are no match for our superior GeForce products."

This never ending quarrel will lead no where, I wonder what the two companies expect to gain from it. I reckon whoever they're trying to impress (their customers) simply dont care that much about image quality so small that even after its digitally zoomed into its still hard to distinguish.

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Oh and some words of wisdom to conclude; "only argue if you can accept defeat".

Source: Fudzilla

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