Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Related Posts: IBM predicts five 2015 innovations

For example as they explain in the above video, laptops connected to a network could map the aftermath of an earthquake. You might opt to become more personally involved. As you move about, you could be collecting data for scientists via sensors in your phone or in your car.

The sensors would pick up and transmit information about your environment: temperature, mosquito hatchings, water availability.

GPS would be involved as an informational device, which leads to this year’s final prediction that resembles a George Jetson scenario.

Your traffic patterns could be analyzed, then personalized, such as where there is an open parking space, or how to circumvent a road obstruction. Adaptive traffic systems could make your commute less of a headache. Like Nostradamus, IBM may, or may not, have hit the nail on the head. Make a note on your calendar to check back in five years so you can confirm the quality of their foresight.

via BSN
Source IBM Labs 

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