Sunday, December 19, 2010

We want YOU, to get our forums active.

Dear members and fans of The Unfused Journal,

We know that you love sharing your user experience and love to chat. Well since our discussions manager Korneel got a different assignment from me to do and some of our Twitter followers are not even on Facebook to follow and read the discussions, we've got a huge place on our website, powered by Nabble. You are free to post and enhance the website by using the Forum. Got a new Graphics card and some scores of your piece of hardware? Share it with us in our Forum! You would like to trade some of your old products and hate ebay-fees and registration: Again, visit our Forum.

Be the earth that makes the Community tree grow, be one of the Rain drops watering the tree, or even better, be the tree!

Since our website is still so young, WE WANT YOU TO JOIN OUR FORUMS!

We even have a live chat section, however our forums it needs a community to get active.

Well That is all from my side,
Happy Christmas and Lets hope to meet YOU soon in our forum,

Andreas Gunkel
Assistant Director

PS. Our forum will also be a hub for our upcoming contests, so its best to get to know it from now.

The Unfused Forum

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