Monday, January 24, 2011

AMDs Fusion Ontario and Zacate benchmarked

(image courtesy of LegitReviews)

The first benchmarks of AMD's Fusion-based chips, the Ontario C-50, Ontario C-30 and Zacate E-350, have appeared - and initial impressions aren't all that favourable for the Zacate line.

French tech site has posted scores comparing AMD's Fusion to Intel's various Atom processors in 3DMark06, and it's not looking too good for AMD's Zacate range if the figures are accurate.

While AMD's Ontario platform handily beat Intel's entire Atom range - in some cases by a factor of 17 - when the chips were paired with Intel's own Graphics Media Accelerator GPU, the story changed when Nvidia's Ion GPU was introduced into the equation.

With the Ontario C-30 scoring 1,611 and the faster C-50 managing 1,749, AMD's latest Fusion chips blew past Intel's Atoms - and even managed to pip the Atom N330 with Nvidia Ion to the post, which scored a close 1,555.

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