Monday, January 17, 2011

AMDs Quad-Core Fusion Llano APU performs better than Intels Core i3-540

(AMD Fusion Llano die) published first performance figures of AMDs Fusion Llano processors. They claim that all performance figures came from official AMD documents.

The following are the details of AMDs upcoming APU:

- Dual Core Llano with Winterpark integrated graphic is slower than not only Athlon II X2 250 but also Pentium E6500 in general performance. But It is dramatically (4.7x) faster than Intel platform in general conclusion which includes visual performance and compute capacity.
- Quad Core Llano with Beavercreek integrated graphic is slower than Athlon II X4 640 but faster than Core i3-540. And also Quad Core Llano provides graphics performance between Radeon HD 5500-5600 level with integrated graphic.
- AMD will launch Fusion Llano as (A-Series Vision Premium) Processors.
- AMD also working on special graphics technology for Lynx platform.

via Vr-Zone
source DonanimHaber

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