Friday, January 28, 2011

ARM wants to put their chips in your eyes. For medical purposes at least.

Mike Muller (ARM CTO) showed off one project that they have been working on, a glaucoma sensor. That is an easy problem, they have been around for years, and work OK. When you go in to the doctors, they measure the pressure in your eye, and it can change quite a bit depending on how you are feeling, time of day, and some environmental conditions. What you really want is something that measures the pressure in your eye every few minutes or hours, and reports that.

The problem is that it takes a trained professional to take those measurements, not to mention a somewhat intrusive set of devices. You don't want to spend a month at the doctor's office getting poked in the eye every few hours. If you can't see where this is going, pun intended, the idea is to put the sensor in your eyeball itself.

Here is where the problems begin, how large of a device can you put in someone's eyeball? How do you power it? How do you read the data from it? Those are the big questions, but far from the only ones, and those are the kinds of challenges ARM is looking at.

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