Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 specifications leaked. Jan 25th release date?

Alleged GTX 560 graphics card

The release of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 560 is no secret, neither is the fact that it is a polished and unlocked GF104. The GF114 chip, fully unlocked for GTX 560, features 8 SMs with 8 PolyMorph engines and 384 SP. It will retain the 256-bit memory interface from GTX 460 1 GB, with a slightly higher speed 4.0 GHz of 1GB GDDR5, and 32 ROPs. The clock speeds, as previously reported, are upto 820 MHz for the core, 1640 MHz for shaders, a massive 22% increase over the GTX 460.

The "TDP" is also up to 180W. The GTX 560 is rumoured to be priced in the $250 range, with performance rumoured to be slightly above the Radeon HD 6870. Overclocked variants are expected with clock speeds exceeding 900 MHz, and performance closing in on the HD 6950.
The GTX 560 is set to release on January 25th, and promises to be another great alternative in the crowded $200-$300 market.

See another image of the card after the break.

via Vr-Zone
source DonanimHaber

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