Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nvidia introduces 3DTV Play technology

NVIDIA has today released their 3DTV Play software online for purchase. Consumers who have both an NVIDIA graphics card and a 3D TV are now able to buy the software to run PC games, Blu-Ray’s, and photos all in 3D on their televisions. The software is based on NVIDIA's popular 3D Vision hardware, although this release only requires you to have a 3D TV and compatible 3D glasses.

The 3DTV Play software works if you have both a compatible NVIDIA Graphics card and a HDMI 1.4 based 3D TV from the list that the company provides on their website.

The software doesn't just allow you to play 3D games, but also enables 3D Blu-Ray movie playback, and the ability to view 3D photos on your PC if you have a compatible 3D camera. However the 3DTV Play pack does come with a number of 3D photos for you to try out even if you haven’t gotten around to buying a 3D camera yet. From our early tests with 3D films, the 3DTV Play software does a perfectly good job with films such as Alice in Wonderland and Monster House in 3D.

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