Wednesday, February 23, 2011

AMD announces full support for RemoteFX in Windows 7 SP1 with FirePro graphics

Chip designer AMD will support Microsoft's Windows 7 SP1 RemoteFX feature with its ATI Firepro graphics card.

RemoteFX will use a virtualised graphics processing unit (GPU), which is where AMD's ATI Firepro comes into play. A GPU on a remote desktop virtualisation host server will allow management of desktops and applications for remote desktop users. This will keeps data secure on the host server whilst end users won't require expensive graphics devices to enjoy enhanced user environments.

Host support for video, 3D applications and demanding graphics content will mean that multiple remote users will gain the experience of using a highly capable graphics machine but in a virtual desktop infrastructure on various remote devices.

"These workplace professionals can access rich media, including full-motion video, on connected remote devices such as thin clients," claimed Janet Matsuda, general manager of AMD professional graphics.

via The Inquirer

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