Thursday, February 3, 2011

AMD to bring Turbo Core to servers

In a bid to further increase performance of its forthcoming central processing units (CPUs) based on Bulldozer micro-architecture, Advanced Micro Devices plans to implement a dynamic clock-speed boost technology into its next-generation Opteron chips. The new tech is akin to Turbo Core feature of current Phenom II X6 microprocessors, but has a number of improvements.

Different applications apply different load onto central processing units. As a result, if one task squeezes all the juices from the chip severely, then another does not. Frequencies and thermal design powers of CPUs are set by manufacturers based on the worst-case scenario that stress the microprocessors in order to avoid possible problems. As a result, thermal design power (TDP) figures tend to be very conservative and applications that do not make use of all transistors of a chip do not perform as well as they could have.

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