Monday, February 28, 2011

AMD vs Intel: Integrated graphics in games explored

For years now, we have been telling you if you want to play games on your PC at all, you need to buy a dedicated video card. This goes back all the way to when we first started needing hardware 3D acceleration to play games like Quake GL. Back then, if you had the hardware, you could do amazing things like play Unreal in 1024×768 with beautiful lighting effects while people were playing GoldenEye 007 in 256×224 with a draw distance reaching about two feet from the player’s view.

But today, console games are drastically holding 3D graphics detail back, diminishing the need for expensive video cards. Games like Mafia II and Crysis II notwithstanding, if a game is designed to be played at sub-720p resolutions and low detail at 30 frames per second on the XBOX 360 and PS3, chances are it will run smooth as butter on any PC built in the past 3 years with a decent video card installed with similar settings.

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