Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bit-Tech talks physics with AMDs Manju Hegde

For a brief moment, it once looked like hardware-accelerated gaming physics had the potential to transform PC gaming's static rooms full of storage crates into dynamic worlds full of showering particles, rumpling cloth and realistically collapsing bridges. Co-founded by Manju Hegde, a new start-up called Ageia ambitiously launched its dedicated PhysX accelerator; a technology that's now a part of Nvidia's family, and it looked like gaming physics was about to completely overhauled.

Glorious demos have been shown off, cash has been splurged and big promises have been made, but the truth is that really only a handful of PC games actually feature hardware-accelerated physics. What's more, those that do, such as Mafia 2, mainly use it for particle eye-candy, rather than changing the actual game mechanics.

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