Monday, February 21, 2011

If Dells out of the question, how about Qualcomm?

As entertaining as these rumors are and as easy they are to dismiss, there is a serious note to such stories. AMD has attractive assets, while it isn't exactly competitive at this time anymore. A deep-pocketed buyer with a complimentary set of assets could be very interested in AMD.

There is an interesting discussion in Silicon Valley among analysts that suggest that an acquisition of AMD isn't the stretch we believe it to be. Dell buying AMD would be big surprise, especially in the background that the company's core business are PCs and an acquisition of AMD would put Dell in the line of fire of Intel. As dependent as Dell is on Intel, that would be suicide. If there is a PC vendor that could be interested in buying AMD, it would be Apple -- if the company was to build its own CPUs, but that does not seem to make any economic sense for Apple.

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