Sunday, February 13, 2011

TUJ, where are you at?

Dear Members, Readers & Followers,

Tomorrow will be the last day to submit your Agent Ruby Contest stories. You have 1 more day! And we know that you are all creative, you could spend a mere 30 minutes of your time to write 500 words of pure awesomeness and stand a chance to win a Radeon 6850. Thats words in exchange for a graphics card from AMD! Don't miss the opportunity! It was long and tough to plan this event, I had to make lots of phone calls and write lots of convincing emails, trying to get a sponsor for this event and we really hope its worth it, only so I can suffer more to bring you more contests! ;)

The founder of this site Fahd told me that we had around 5,000 members initially before we moved and moved and moved. And now we are left at  around 340 members? Thats just a sad thought. I know the moving is annoying and hurt us a lot, but at our current spot it is to say that we are doing better because everything is now legally approved, thanks to AMD Germany who have helped us get cleaned up. And yes, we are working to get contacts to big tech companies but its not easy convincing them...

Due to our small size we cannot bring you a waterfall of reviews and host daily contests, not to mention that as enthusiasts we aren't on a payroll. However, we are working hard to improve, we've got some genius ideas up our sleeves that you will hear more of soon. 

Im very excited to be attending this years CeBIT convention which is held between March 1st and March 5th, I'll be able to bring you some first looks at the cool new stuff that will be on show so look forward to that!

Andreas Gunkel
Vice President - The Unfused Journal

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