Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feast your eyes on the colorful silicon die of Nvidias first CPU

During his introduction speech at Financial Analyst Day 2011, Jen-Hsun Huang revealed an interesting slide to the semiconductor analysts - silicon die of nVidia's first CPU. Without further a due, picture below shows what nVidia presented as Project Denver 64-bit CPU core.

Given that Project Denver exists in silicon form, proper execution and launch should bury any doubts whether or not nVidia can make a CPU- which are still present with some semiconductor analysts who also claimed that AMD is going to die, AMD is not going to buy ATI, and that Intel will blow everyone out of the water with Larrabee and of course - that nVidia cannot make a CPU. These theories often forget that Intel is a largest company of companies mentioned and sometimes projects end in blind alley (WiMAX, Larrabee), AMD did the logical thing and acquired ATI and that was a good move - judging by initial Fusion APUs and of lastly - nVidia showing that they can execute as well.

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