Friday, March 25, 2011

Intel manages to grab some of AMDs global market share

Chipmaker Intel is still way, way ahead as the global chip industry leader, followed by Advanced Micro Designs (AMD), which appears to have lost ground.
According to research by Isuppli, Intel had an 81 per cent share of the global microprocessor market last year, up by 0.4 per cent. That might not sound like much of a increase, but when you consider the overwhelming dominance Chipzilla has that's still a pretty good year.
It is still a two-horse race, but the nag in second is falling behind as AMD's 2010 share of microprocessor revenue fell by 0.8 per cent to 11.4 per cent. Intel's huge market share wasn't much of a surprise, as its lead was built up across two decades and nothing spectacularly changed in the PC market in 2010 apart from the welcome recovery from the previous year's recession.

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