Saturday, March 12, 2011

NVIDIAs upcoming GTX 590 dual-GPU card sports a single slot cooler? [Update: No.]

The launch of the soon-to-be amazing GeForce GTX 590 dual-Fermi based GPU is about to go live and the closer we get to the release, the more that leaks out about it. NVIDIA has obviously put a lot of green sweat into this puppy and the latest shots show a 21.5mm-thick cooler which would imply that it's a single-slot based cooler. 

This would be an amazing achievement if true, but could also come at the cost of your ears. If it is indeed true, NVIDIA have pulled a rabbit from the hat and should get some fairly good press based on the cooler design alone.

via TweakTown
source VR-Zone

UPDATE: VR-Zone confirms that it is a dual-slot card.

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