Thursday, April 14, 2011

AMD France confirms: Bulldozer will come for current AM3 sockets

Good News for AM3 Motherboard owners:

AMD France confirms what most of us already thought but still were not sure about:
« Il n'y a pas d'impossibilité physique. Nous ne le recommandons pas, mais oui, c'est possible d'installer un Bulldozer sur une carte mère AM3 »
My French is not that good but its good enough to not use an online translator. It says:
It is not a physical problem (This means Bulldozer will have the exact amount of pins that AM3 has, to make sure that you do not try to put this silicon into an AM2(+) boards). We do not recommend the use of AM3 for our chips, but it is possibile that you may install a Bulldozer CPU on an AM3 motherboard.

Probably our source (French version of Tom's Hardware) had an even more interesting phone call with even more information about the chip. As for older AM3 boards with the 7-series chipset you might not be able to utilize the full potential of TurboCore 2.0, Energy Saving modes, and other unique features... The situation is similar to the payoffs which some experienced in the past putting a Phenom chips on the AM2 sockets.

Personally, if you are unsure what motherboard to get, I have had a good experience with AsRock considering their support of new CPUs which are backwards compatible with older processors.
To name a few examples: Old nForce with AGP able to run a 95W Hexa-Core, and from my experience with the A770 Crossfire, when I got my X6 there was no official BIOS but after emailing support they sent me a new BIOS!

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