Sunday, April 17, 2011

MSI puts its Z68 overclocking motherboard on display at MOA 2011

It’s the MSI MOA overclocking event in Istanbul this weekend and the company has been using the event to give us an early look at a board based on Intel’s new Z68 chipset.

The new chipset, which is widely rumoured to be dropping on 8 May is set to offer a best-of-both-worlds option for those looking to buy an LGA1155 system.

This is because the chipset is known to offer both CPU overclocking and the ability to overclock the on-board GPU, two features that are currently not available in a single LGA1155 chipset. Z68 also looks set to bring support for the performance enhancing RST SSD Caching technology that caches frequently used data from a hard disk to an SSD to increase application boot times and responsiveness.

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