Friday, April 15, 2011

Point of View and TGT release new water-cooled 'BEAST' GTX 590

Point of View and its trusty enthusiast brand partner TGT group, are ready with their fastest graphics card to date, the PoV-TGT GeForce GTX 590 BEAST. The BEAST Edition features factory overclocked speeds, and is ready for (requires) water-cooling. The dual-GPU graphics card features out of the box clock speeds of 691 MHz core, and 1382 MHz CUDA cores; against reference speeds of 607/1215 MHz, respectively. The memory is clocked at 927.5 MHz (3710 MHz effective) against 853.5/3414 MHz reference.

The next big part of the card is its full-coverage water block made by Aqua Computer. The block cools all heat-producing components on the obverse side of the PCB, including the two GPUs, memory, bridge chip, and the notoriously feisty VRM. The block uses exposed copper as its primary material, with brushed metal top. Already seeing listings in Europe, the card is priced between €777.97, and €849.08.

via TechPowerUp

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