Friday, April 22, 2011

PowerColor is Working on Single Slot HD 6850

Powercolor, the name which stands for many things. Some associate it with special designed Graphics cards and once again PowerColor does a great job:
After releasing a passive cooled Radeon HD 6850, they did another strange, but good thing with the Barts Core: A Single slot, Quad Crossfire ready HD 6850. That reminds me of the days back when the HD 4850 and HD 4870 were out and AMD announced great 4 Way crossfire. PowerColor will be the only company which offers you this piece of hardware, maybe some other companies will follow, we don't know.

This upcoming HD 6850 features high quality components and also a high quality cooling. For those who like single slot designs haven't got a real good performance deal, this is the issue PowerColor is solving. So just wait a little and you will get insane performance where space is limited. The only hope is: Please let the fan be silent and not annoying.

Read the press release here

TUJ Notes: A 4 way CrossFire X system with those babes will surely boost your Folding@Home within our Team ;)

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