Monday, May 2, 2011

AMD Radeon 6000 Series graphics cards will be available on upcoming Apple iMacs

It looks as if the upcoming range of Apple iMac all in one desktop computers could be adopting Intel’s newest range of Core processors. The release of these machines could actually come as early as tomorrow according to sources in Taipei.
Apple could also be adopting the new Thunderbolt port, in place of the mini DisplayPort connectors. Rumors from sources indicate that the new machines might also feature 6000 series AMD Radeon graphics cards.
Other sources indicate that Apple are preparing to launch the machines very soon, with staff working through the nights, making modifications to store layouts to accommodate the new machines. The launch will also be the first desktop refresh in 9 months, a necessary move to help drive sales. Apple are in fact recording very low sales for their desktop machines, taking a very small percentage of overall revenue.

via KitGuru

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