Monday, May 9, 2011

Folding@Home - News

We broke the 1000 Workunits
We Broke into the TOP 4000 Teams

What Will Be NeXt?

We, the complete Unfused Team, is really proud of you all guys. We are doing big progress, and of course you know who the main folders are, by looking at the Stats: Dylan & Jonathan. I gave you both a tough challenge, The first one was to take over me by the points, Dylan got that really quick with his GTX 580, But I fought and didnt give up: It was a battle VS a Giant: 9800GTX+ VS the Monster of a GTX 580. He was the First one who really made the 100k before me. My other follower, who is folding with ATi is getting closer day by day, point by point, WU by WU. But I got a new weapon: The GTX 470 :-), but I cant stand the power of multiple clients.

anyway, here are the pictures of our 1000 WU Mark, The battle of 100k (Dylan being the First one to do it, me shortly after and taking back no1 for the last time), and the current ranking

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