Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just released Apple iMacs using Intels latest Z68 chipsets

According to TonyMacx86, the mid-2011 iMac lineup integrates the Intel BD82Z68 Platform Controller Hub. Indeed, iFixit’s teardown analysis confirms this. The Intel Z68 platform isn’t set for official release until May 11th so it looks like Intel is being really friendly with Apple again.
This means that Apple would likely be using the Intel’s Smart Response Technology in its iMacs, if not with Snow Leopard, perhaps in an update with Lion. People who order SSD/HDD combo configurations would be able to see the combination as one drive –which the often needed OS/Application files are stored on the SSD while the larger Media and Documents files are stored on the slower, cheaper HDD storage.

Read the full article at 9to5Mac

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