Friday, May 6, 2011

PowerColor releases a liquid cooled Radeon HD 6990

Shipping with a fitted liquid cooling solution from EK Water Blocks, PowerColor has been rather coy with ramping up clock speeds. These remain true to a reference HD 6990 - coming in at 830MHz and 5,000MHz effective, switching to 880MHz and the same 5,000MHz effective - for the GPU and GDDR5 respectively - when using, what we've lovingly called, the Switch of Awesomeness.
As for the liquid cooling solution, PowerColor tells us that even under full load, its LCS HD6990 package demonstrates a thermal advantage of up to 30 per cent over a reference-based solution. This, it is claimed, should increase overclocking headroom and potential - if dabbling in the arts is your penchant. A single-slot form factor goes against the grain and the manufacturer adds, that the use of a Volterra VRM solution adds to stability and overclocking prowess as well.

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