Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AMD 2012 CPU and APU roadmap revealed

After months of secrecy, AMD has finally revealed some of its plans for the CPU market in a recent briefing, and there are some curious highlights. For example, next year will see the first ever 28nm AMD processor, meaning that AMD and its fabrication partner GlobalFoundries are keeping pace with Intel fairly well. While Intel is talking about 3D Tri-gate technology for its Ivy Bridge range of CPUs, AMD's new chips will still be fundamentally based on 28nm transistors.

While a process shrink usually leads to higher frequencies and more performance, it can also lead to lower power consumption and waste heat if the frequencies aren’t increased. It’s the latter fact that AMD plans to use to its advantage, as the Krishna and Wichita APUs for ‘Essential’ laptops, netbooks and tablets will have exclusive use of 28nm transistors for the year.

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