Wednesday, June 1, 2011

AMD shows off Trinity APU (Bulldozer + DX11) at Computex 2011

Bulldozer was pushed into Q3, the Llano launch is scheduled for mid-June, so what does AMD really have to show off this Computex? Well, beside the 9 Series chipsets, the company introduced the Z Series APUs for tablets and teased a product that's set for a 2012 release, the Trinity APU.
Trinity is the first APU (accelerated processing unit) to feature x86 cores based on the Bulldozer architecture. Actually, it will utilize second-generation Bulldozer cores - two or four, depending on model, and will include a DirectX 11 GPU. Trinity is made on 32nm technology and doesn't have a relatively solid release date but this Computex showcase suggests it will be ready sooner rather than later. Maybe around March-April 2012.

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