Sunday, June 26, 2011

AMD stops endorsing BAPCo's SYSmark benchmark, says its flawed. BAPCo retaliates and threatens AMD. AMD insiders say its a smokescreen

Following our coverage on AMD's exit from BAPCo and blog post made by Nigel Dessau, we got a surprising call from the person at the heart of AMD which we had to check out. After the end of an eye opening conversation, we started calling our sources in order to confirm if the claims made by an obviously disappointed engineer hold any substance. We talked to our usual sources inside the company, as well as with a number of sources at their key partners and customers. The odd part was that all of our contacts said the same thing - the story checks out. Thus, we bring you the modestly edited version of our conversation, filed with comments.

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UPDATE: Nvidia and VIA leave too

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