Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Unfused Journal goes Overclocking

11 PM, Scheuring, Germany.  The first & secret european Unfused Team meeting gave some creative output for all of us. Now that the Folding contest is over (You guys are all awesome) there is a new competing frontier ahead of us: 

The Unfused Benchbros

-What are the Benchbros about?

Our unique Hardware bot team which is competing against others worldwide. Anything you want to benchmark? Feel free to do so, we have the place to put it on. No matter how fast or slow your setup is, the rarer it is the better the chances that your submission scores best amongst all of them. Korneel and I already joined the Team, we hope that Fahd will get his Quadfather benched once he has it in his hands.

Our Team Site
The world's fastest Phenom I 9650 X4@wPrime1024, made by yours truly.
Suicide Cooling for gold cups.

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