Thursday, December 8, 2011

AMD and Nvidia rebadge and release "new" Radeon 7000M and GeForce 600M Series GPUs

We're still waiting on you.

Another year, another set of rebadges from the silicon giants, although Nvidia started the tradition, AMD followed soon after probably as a way to cut some costs here and there. No biggie for those of us who know what to avoid.

The "new" Radeon HD 7400M, 7500M and 7600M series are all based on the 40nm Turks and Caicos GPUs that are used in some of todays 6000M series cards. Its safe to assume though that everything above the 7600M will be actually new and based on AMD's latest 28nm process. These chips all have support for DX11, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, AMD HD3D and BluRay 3D. 
Note that the 7000M series chips mentioned do pack more stream processors than their predecessors direct counterparts so there are still advantages of getting a 7600M over a 6600M GPU.

On the green team, NVIDIA introduced the GT 635M, which is exactly the same as the last gen GT555M. A rebadged GT 540M got its name changed to the GT 630M and finally the 610M which is a 520MX is disguise. Note that as with the AMD cards, the names dont directly match their older counterparts so thats an indication that the companies are looking to make room for some new higher end cards in the lineup.

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