Sunday, January 9, 2011

AMD confirms that triple-cores are here to stay, even after Bulldozers release

Advanced Micro Devices' said that triple-core processors would continue to be a part of its offerings. While it is unclear how AMD could make a triple-core chip based on its Bulldozer micro-architecture, the comment may indicate that AMD will have triple-core K10.5-based chips for a long time after the introduction of Bulldozer.

"In most instances dual-core computing was adequate for the majority of users and with an additional core to service the OS, one of the more significant bottlenecks was addressed. Triple-core processors continue to address customer and consumer needs by delivering great performance at great prices. As long as the industry and market find value in these products and request them - AMD will address the need," said Matt Davis, an AMD product marketing manager for desktop solutions.

Read HardwareHeavens full interview with Matt here, or continue reading the rest of this article here.

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