Monday, January 10, 2011

Images of Intels next-gen high-end socket LGA-2011 motherboards leak

Intels next high-end consumer platform has so far been a topic for much discussion on the interwebs as Intel hasn't uttered a word so far as to what we can expect. However, thanks to a Chinese website and some blurred out pictures of an upcoming MSI motherboard, it's not clear that Intel will be offering the LGA-2011 platform as a replacement for the current LGA-1366 platform. is the source of most of the pictures below and they claim that the new chipset will be called X68 – although the X78 name has also been making the rounds – and even provide a picture of the chipset itself. This time around we're looking at a single chipset solution, as Intel has moved most of what was left in the X58 chipset to the CPU die. This also means that we're looking at Sandy Bridge EP rather than Sandy Bridge EN processors for the next generation high-end desktop CPUs.

Read the rest of the article here and see more images after the break.

via SemiAccurate

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