Monday, January 10, 2011

CES 2011 wraps up and attracted over 140,000 attendees

Well, thats a wrap. CES 2011 was a major success, CEA estimated that 126,000 attendees would attend the 4 day long "gadget fest" this year and were happy to announce that around 140,000 attendees actually visited the convention.

"The Consumer Electronics Association's announcement likely wasn't a surprise for anyone that attended the event in Las Vegas. Attendees faced long lines for taxis and the city's monorail throughout the convention, which was a preliminary sign that attendance had rebounded." - PC World

They've also announced a small scheduling change for next years CES, and will be running the show from Tuesday to Friday, January 10-13. 

Be sure to check out what mattered most to us from CES here. Also, check out Engadgets CES 2011 coverage hub here for a wider range of amazing products that made their debut at the convention.

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