Saturday, January 8, 2011

Have a sneak peek of Sapphires upcoming P67 based motherboard

We've already shown you Sapphire's mini-ITX Brazos board and no-one was overly surprised at seeing this motherboard, especially as Sapphire is a long term AMD partner. However, what we have for you today is an exclusive look at a not quite final P67 chipset motherboard from Sapphire, a product that many didn't expect to launch.

The board is clearly far from the final version and it even carries a Rev: 0.0 tag, but it’ll give us a good glimpse into what Sapphire is working on. The board is currently known as the PC-CI7S42P67 but we’re certain that Sapphire will come up with a much catchier name for the board by the time it launches. One of the most prominent features of the board is the Lucid Hydra chip located between the topmost PCI Express x16 slots and the board offers three x16 slots connected to it, all of which appear to use x8 bandwidth when more than one card is in use. There’s also a fourth grey x16 slot, but this only has four lanes worth of bandwidth according to the board markings.

Read the rest of the article here and see more images of the motherboard after the break.

via SemiAccurate

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