Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nvidias GTX 560 Vantage performance score leaked and release date confirmed

We’re going to plant one of our world famous ‘Flags of our Predictions’ and say that there’s no chance that the GTX560 will be as overclockable as the GTX460. Why? Well, the GTX460 was very conservative. Now that nVidia is feeling secure in TSMC’s ability to deliver, the baseline clock will be that much higher.

GTX460 launched at a very conservative 675MHz. In almost no time at all MSI (Hawk) and EVGA (FTW) were selling versions of the GTX460 that clocked up near 1Ghz. Having some headroom built in for overclocking is one thing, but allowing almost 50% is just plain crazy. Better to create a new SKU and make a lot of customers pay extra for the boost.

See Vantage scores after the break, and read the rest of the article here, and here.

via KitGuru

(Image courtesy of KitGuru)

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