Friday, February 4, 2011

Intels next-gen Ivy Bridge processors will be 20-30% faster than Sandy Bridge

Performance of Intel Corp.’s latest Core i-series “Sandy Bridge” and improvements it brings over predecessors is rather impressive, which is why the company managed to sell over eight million of appropriate microprocessors in just several months of revenue shipments. The next-generation central processing units (CPUs) will bring further 20% - 30% of speed boost, according to a media report.

In general-purpose applications Ivy Bridge micro-architecture-based chips will boost performance by around 20% compared to Core i-series “Sandy Bridge” products; performance of integrated graphics core of Ivy Bridge will get 30% higher compared to the graphics engine of the latest microprocessors by Intel, according to VR-Zone web-site, which claims that it had seen documents with Intel’s internal performance estimates.

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