Saturday, February 5, 2011

Next-gen Intel Ivy Bridge processors will be backward compatible with 6-Series "Sandy Bridge" chipsets

Intel finally came to its senses to use the same socket and make the 22nm Ivy Bridge pin and software compatible to Sandy Bridge x67 boards, and this happens to be the chipset that is affected with a huge embarrassment and SATA 2 recall bug. Now that is ironic.

The big news that P67 and H67 boards will support Ivy Bridge 22nm processors after BIOS and firmware updates is not as cool as it would have been if Intel didn’t mess these chipsets up.

Still there is a hope, as of April all boards powered with H67 and P67 will be bug free and with a BIOS update, they will be able to support Ivy Bridge 22nm processors. So once you get a functional bug free P67 or H67, you can expect to be able to plug Ivy into it and after new BIOS flash, they should just work.

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