Friday, February 11, 2011

Samsung introduces Exynos, its dual-core mobile processor

We've been talking about Samsung's Orion processor for some time, the dual-core successor to the well-received Hummingbird core of 2010 -- but Orion was a codename all along. What will you be calling these two slices of high-performance silicon by the time they finally grace a phone of yours? "Exynos 4210," it turns out, as the Orion becomes the first member of Sammy's newly-branded Exynos line of application processors. We'd already known that the company was targeting the first half of 2011 for Orion's commercial release, but they're ready to get a little more specific now... and the news is good: production begins next month, which might line up nicely for some announcements the company has in store for MWC next week. Here's hoping! Follow the break for the release.

via Engadget

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