Saturday, March 26, 2011

AMD challenges NVIDIA directly to prove that the GTX 590 is the "worlds fastest graphics card"

Since both companies have laid claim to the “world’s fastest graphics card”, AMD wants to settle the score once and for all. Dave Erskine, the Senior Public Relations Manager for Graphics Desktop at AMD, just published a blog post challenging NVIDIA directly. “So now I issue a challenge to our competitor: prove it, don’t just say it. Show us the substantiation. Because as it stands today, leading reviewers agree with us…” Them's fightin' words.

The PC graphics space has always been a highly-competitive, cutthroat business. It’s rare, however, for the chief rivals to call each other out so directly. The response should be interesting. Or at the very least, AMD’s challenge will spur some interesting weekend discussion. What say you?

via HotHardware
source AMD

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