Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Microsoft and ARM working together on new "processor architectures"

A high-ranking executive of ARM Holdings in Taipei said at a local press conference on Tuesday that ARM and Microsoft were collaborating not only on development of Windows 8 operating system, which will support ARM microprocessors, but also onto certain hardware projects. If the information turns out to be correct, then the relations between the two companies will turn out to be deeper than initially thought.
ARM has been "cooperating with Microsoft to develop processor architectures", indicated Philip Lu, the president of ARM Taiwan at the  press conference in Taipei, Taiwan, reports DigiTimes web-site. Unfortunately, the executives declined to provide any further information and it is unclear what "processor architectures" Microsoft helped ARM to design. A collaboration like this might not involve creation of certain specific hardware innovations, but might include tailoring of ARM chip designs for Microsoft Windows and other software. For example, Microsoft helps to define feature-set of DirectX, which has direct impact onto graphics architectures from ATI/AMD, Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp.

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