Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NVIDIA releases BIOS update to put a stop to exploding GTX 590s

Ever since SweClockers ran a video of nVidia’s GTX590 card exploding in the lab, the world + dog has been waiting to see if this is a one off – or something indicative of a more serious issue. Interesting to see that in the day or two after the explosion, the view count was less than 10,000 – but it is now over 300,000. SweClockers ad sales team must have made an alter to nVidia and be thanking their personal gods that the cameras were switched on at the right moment.
 nVidia has also said that additional warranty problems relating to exploding GTX590 cards will be dealt with by the manufacturer who shipped you the card, rather than by nVidia itself. So the returns policy should be ‘Back to your local store, as per normal’.
nVidia has yet to make a statement regarding customers who want to return GTX590 cards because they are scared that there are safety issues. It’s a little bit of a grey area, so some clarification would be nice.

Read more about the cure by following the source link below.

via KitGuru

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