Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NVIDIA slashes GTX 590 price to compete better with the HD 6990. Will AMD follow suit?

In the KitGuru analysis, it was hard to see why nVidia had launched the GTX590 at the price they had, way after the Radeon HD 6990 was in the market. Also surprising was the announcement that the GTX590 is the fastest card on the planet. In the KitGuru Labs, we scored it 11 wins to AMD with 7 to nVidia. If the GTX590 had arrived just before the Radeon HD 6990, then it would definitely have taken the crown – it is faster that the HD 5970.
While the price of the GTX590 can be up to £100 more than the faster Radeon HD 6990, the really surprising fact is that it was going to be up to £150 more.
Word from the channel is that a price drop of up to £50 was communicated to stores just before the launch happened. We noticed on stores like that GTX590′s such as the Gigabyte model were being listed for £650 at launch time.

Read more about the price drop by following the source link below.

via KitGuru

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