Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Crysis 2 is here!

Crysis 2 is at its best when it puts you in situations where you need to pivot and make creative use of your billion-dollar tactical tuxedo—the Nanosuit—to stay alive. It gives rise to moments like that last-ditch super-leap, applying timely cloaking to stealthily leapfrog between cover to execute a flank, or activating armor so you’ll survive a point-blank barrel detonation that wipes out every enemy around you. The game provokes these on-the-fly decisions with bad guys that are durable and alert. Crysis 2’s opposing force comes in two forms: human mercs working for the Crynet corporation (the creators of the Nanosuit) called CELL, and the Ceph, a race of invading invertebrates in robotic exoskeletons. Both factions are more about being challenging and fun to shoot than unpredictably intelligent. 

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